Computational Science Invited Lectures

(1 Credit)
Spring Semester, 2009
Mondays, 3:35 - 425 PM
203 Sackett Building


Prof. Lyle N. Long

Aerospace Engineering

This course will present the research of fourteen prominent computational science researchers. The goal will be to have each speaker discuss the latest research in their technical areas. We have speakers from areas such as engineering, physics, chemistry, software engineering, materials science, intelligent systems, computer science, statistics, and mathematics. Scroll down to see the complete list of speakers and topics. This is a required course for the Graduate Minor in Computational Science.
(see also the Fall Course on Computational Science Tools).

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1 Jan. 12 The Computational Aerodynamics of GearBox Windage Prof. Rob Kunz

Applied Research Lab

Rob Kunz
Jan. 19 Martin Luther King Day, No Classes
2 Jan. 26 A Multiphysics Strategy for River Basin Modeling Prof. Chris Duffy

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chris Duffy
3 Feb. 2 Using Genetic Algorithms to Assimilate Sensor Data into Atmospheric Models
(Book: Practical Genetic Algorithms )
Prof. Sue Ellen Haupt

Applied Research Lab and Meteorology

Sue Haupt
4 Feb. 9 Variability, Noise, and Sensitivity to Error in Learning a Motor Task
(slides not available)
Prof. Dagmar Sternad

Northeastern Univ.

Dagmar Sternad
5 Feb. 16 Gaussian processes, Monte Carlo, and an application to climate science Prof. M. Haran


M. Haran
6 Feb. 23 Discrete Dynamic Models of Biological Regulatory Networks Prof. Reka Albert

Physics and Biology

Reka Albert
7 Mar. 2 Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Computational Challenges Prof. Sam Finn

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Sam Finn
Mar. 9 Spring Break, No Classes
8 Mar. 16 Modern IT Infrastructure Requirements of Large Research Universities Steve Kellogg

Information Technology Services

9 Mar. 23 Quantum Monte Carlo: Random Walks, the Diffusion Equation, and the Schrödinger Equation Prof. James Anderson

Chemistry & Physics

Jim Anderson
10 Mar. 30 Automated Video Analysis of Crowd Behavior Prof. Robert Collins

Computer Science & Engr.

Robert Collins
11 Apr. 6 Computation and Aircraft Engine Noise Prof. Phil Morris

Aerospace Engineering

Phil Morris
12 Apr. 13 Grand Challenges in Software Engineering Prof. Phil LaPlante

Software Engineering (PSU GV)

Phil LaPlante
13 Apr. 20 Cancelled
14 Apr. 27 Multi-scale Modeling of Thin-Film Epitaxy Prof. Kristen Fichthorn

Chemical Engineering and Physics

Kristen Fichthorn

Grading: Tentatively, grades will be determined as : 75% student-maintained journal of lectures and 25% class participation and questions. Each student will be required to keep a journal of the presentations, including speaker name, title, subject, talk outline, key points of lecture, references, questions you had, etc. The summary for each seminar must be at least one page of text (1 inch margins, 12 point font, single spacing), with any figures, tables, etc. on additional pages. These journals will be evaluated throughout the semester. Due dates for writeups:

  • Seminars 1 - 5, Feb. 23
  • Seminars 6 - 9, Mar. 30
  • Seminars 10 - 14, May 1
Hand in hardcopies, do not email them to me.
(20% off for each day they are late)

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